Company Profile

O'Mahony Refrigeration are main agents for Serap bulk milk dairy refrigeration in the south of Ireland.  Serap have 60 years experience in the manufacture and development of milk cooling equipment.  We have chosen  Serap for their quality, proven performance and their ability to provide solutions to the Irish Dairy Farmer.
We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and  the solutions we can provide for your milk cooling requirements.
We can also offer advice on heat recovery .Heat recovery can be fitted to almost every make of tank and can dramatically decrease the cost of heating the water used for washing your milking plant and bulk tank.
We Supply, install and service refrigeration units, cold rooms and refrigerated beverage display units.
We also service and supply of spare parts for a wide variety of vehicle air conditioning systems.
We pride ourselves on our record of quick response and timely supply of spare parts.
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