Service & Maintenance

Regular Maintenance & Emergency Service for All Your Dairy Needs

We strive to provide the best service and support to dairy farmers. We understand the importance of quality service and support. This support includes scheduled service, phone and technical support, emergency service and software support.

Keeping up with customer demands and changes in technology is something we strive for. It helps avoid unnecessary break-downs, which may delay milking and affect the welfare and health of the cows.

Regular or routine service can prevent problems occurring and it prevents emergency service calls, both of which can get expensive.

We offer all year round maintenance on your equipment. Every milking parlour and it’s equipment is different, so we will assess your needs and build together a package that suits you best so machine parts are replaced or repaired at the right time.

We've learned time and time again that when equipment is properly maintained, it’s generally true that it will last longer and work better.  There are so many benefits to proper servicing as it prevents having to scramble to sort a problem when it occurs.

This helps to avoid any downtime and makes the farm a safer place.

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